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U.S. Patent PP26,312
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

U.S. Patent


General Description

‘FL 17-141’ is a vigorous, very high-yielding, early season cultivar for the evergreen production system, with no known disease issues. Very high yields have been documented for several years in south Florida under the evergreen system. The fruit is very firm, with high bloom and a long postharvest life.

Cultivar name: TBD ‘FL 17-141’

Region best adapted to: central and south-central Florida

Production system: performs very well in the evergreen system in central and south-central FL

Hydrogen cyanamide: not required

Machine Harvestability: no data yet; machine harvest trials to be planted late 2023

Per plant yields:

o South – Central FL: 17.6 lbs/plant (3 years old)

Known disease susceptibility: none observed to date

Known insect damage susceptibility: none observed to date

Fruit quality data:

o Fruit firmness: 314 g/mm (1 day), 351 g/mm (21 days), 327 g/mm (49 days), higher than Colossus and Optimus

o Berry Weight: 2.1 – 3.3 grams, average 2.7 grams, similar to Colossus

o Berry Diameter: 18.8 mm, similar to Colossus

o Brix: 10.0 – 12.3, similar to Colossus

o Brix/Acid Ratio: 15 – 22, similar to Emerald

o Fruit scar: medium and dry, similar to Emerald

o Wax/bloom: high

o Fruit defects: none

o Flavor: high flavor score from taste panels (6.9), somewhat lower than the highest score (7.5) and higher than the lowest score (5.9).

o Aroma: low

Cultivars similar flowering time:

o Central FL – Sentinel, Albus, FL19-006, Optimus, Arcadia, Avanti, Chickadee

Other information: High vigor, firm fruit, with high, early season yield.

License Availability

For licensing availability contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP):​​

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