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U.S. Patent PP26,312
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

U.S. Patent


General Description

Jewel is a mid-season cultivar with a somewhat high yield potential, but is susceptible to fungal leaf diseases.

Cultivar name: Jewel (selection code FL92-176)

Recommended for Florida: no, too late for the Florida market window.

FL region best adapted to: none

Production system: deciduous

Hydrogen cyanamide: Recommended; sensitive, requires a low dose

Machine Harvestability: No data yet; lower fruit firmness may not be ideal for machine harvesting.

Per plant yields (Density 1,452-1,742 plants/acre):

o North-central FL (2018): 1.6 lbs/plant

o Central FL (2013-2014): 3.5 – 4.8 lbs/plant, average 4.1 lbs/plant

Known disease susceptibility: susceptible to fungal leaf diseases, including rust and target spot

Known insect damage susceptibility: some susceptibility to chilli thrips injury has been observed.

Fruit quality data:

o Fruit firmness: 166 – 205 g/mm, average 180 g/mm, lower than Emerald

o Berry Weight: 1.7 – 2.5 grams, average 2.2 grams, similar to Emerald

o Berry Diameter: 15.4 – 17.7 mm, average 17.0 mm, smaller than Emerald

o Brix: 10.2 – 11.6, average 11.1, similar to Emerald

o Brix/Acid Ratio: 20.6 – 32.5, average 26.4, higher than Emerald

o Fruit scar: normal (small and dry), similar to Emerald

o Wax/bloom: medium

o Fruit defects: none observed

o Flavor Score: 25.4 – reference Emerald (19.9), Kestrel (29.0)

o Aroma: none

Cultivars with overlapping timing of flowering: Emerald, Farthing, Magnus, Meadowlark, Patrecia, Primadonna

Other information: Fruit softer than Emerald. Berries tart until fully ripe.

License availability: For a list of current nursery licensees in the USA, click here

License Availability

For licensing availability contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP):​​

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