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U.S. Patent PP26,312
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

U.S. Patent


General Description

Meadowlark has an upright, vase-shaped growth structure with good potential for machine harvesting.

Cultivar name: Meadowlark (selection code FL01-173)

Recommended for Florida: no, too late for the Florida market window.

FL region best adapted to: none

Production system: deciduous

Hydrogen cyanamide: possible

Machine Harvestability: Possible; has performed well in machine harvest trials.

Per plant yields (Density 1,452-1,742 plants/acre):

o North-central FL (2018-2021): 1.5 – 4.52 lbs/plant, average 3.76 lbs/plant

o Central FL (2014-2016): 3.0 – 8.0 lbs/plant, average 5.4 lbs/plant

Known disease susceptibility: susceptible to bacterial leaf scorch (Xylella) and Blueberry Red Ringspot Virus

Known insect damage susceptibility: may have some susceptibility to bud mites

Fruit quality data:

o Fruit firmness: 221 – 277 g/mm, average 256 g/mm, much higher than Emerald

o Berry Weight: 2.1 – 3.0 grams, average 2.5 grams, similar to Emerald

o Berry Diameter: 17.2 – 19.7 mm, average 18.3 mm, similar to Emerald

o Brix: 9.4 – 11.4, average 10.9, lower than Emerald

o Brix/Acid Ratio: 28.1 – 69.2, average 35.4, higher than Emerald

o Fruit scar: normal (small and dry), similar to Emerald

o Wax/bloom: medium, similar to Emerald

o Fruit defects: none observed

o Flavor Score: 22.4 – reference Emerald (19.9), Kestrel (29.0)

o Aroma: low

Cultivars with overlapping timing of flowering: Jewel, Primadonna

Other information: Meadowlark has very open clusters of flowers and berries due to remarkably long pedicels and peduncles, which may be due to the presence of sparkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum) in its pedigree. Very upright plant architecture. Very loose berry clusters with medium berry detachment force may have potential to be harvested mechanically. Berries have a mild flavor with a good balance of sugar and acid, and mature berries maintain quality for a long time on the plant.

License availability: For a list of current nursery licensees in the USA, click here

License Availability

For licensing availability contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP):​​

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