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U.S. Patent PP26,312
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

U.S. Patent


General Description

Patrecia is late blooming but early fruit set, with high yield potential. Produces large berries in the early-mid part of the season.

Cultivar name: Patrecia (“UF52-20”)

Recommended for Florida: yes

FL region best adapted to: north-central Florida

Production system: deciduous

Hydrogen cyanamide: recommended; required for leafing and early season production.

Machine Harvestability: no data yet; however, berries of Patrecia grow in tight clusters, which may make machine harvesting this variety difficult.

Per plant yields (Density 1,452-1,742 plants/acre):

o North-central FL (2018-2021) 3.1 – 13.8 lbs/plant; average 8.2 lbs/plant

Known disease susceptibility: none observed to date

Known insect damage susceptibility: none observed to date

Fruit quality data:

o Fruit firmness: 212 – 265 g/mm, average 232 g/mm, higher than Emerald, similar to Optimus

o Berry Weight: 2.5 – 3.4 grams, average 3.0 grams, higher than Emerald

o  Berry Diameter: 18.8 – 21.0 mm, average 19.9 mm, higher than Emerald

o Brix: 9.8 – 11.6, average 10.5, lower than Emerald, similar to Endura and Magnus

o Brix/Acid Ratio: 17.6 – 48.6, average 31.7, better than Emerald

o Fruit scar: large scar that can tear, requires careful hand harvesting

o Wax/bloom: high

o Fruit defects: large scar that can tear, requires careful hand harvesting

o Flavor Score 27.5 – reference Emerald (19.9), Kestrel (29.2)

o Aroma: none

Cultivars with overlapping timing of flowering: Emerald, Farthing, Keecrisp, Magnus, Optimus, Vireo

Other information: Late blooming but early and high fruit set with uniform ripening; good for the Florida market window when using hydrogen cyanamide. High yield when receiving adequate chilling.

License availability: For a list of current nursery licensees in the USA, click here

License Availability

For licensing availability contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP):​​

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