Raven FL05-627

U.S. Patent PP21,374
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety


Raven™ ‘FL05-627’ flowers later than most Florida blueberry cultivars, about the same time as that of the ‘Star’ (U.S. Patent PP10,675) and ‘Windsor’ (U.S. Patent PP12,783).  Raven™ ‘FL05-627’ has high pollen abundance and a desirable growth habit (resembling ‘Star’).  Its early leafing pattern coincides well with its flowering time.  In experimental trials, the mean date in which half (50%) of the flowers opened was February 9th (early February).

Berries of the Raven™ ‘FL05-627’ variety cluster loosely on the plant, and maintain good firmness on the bush for a long time after maturity.  The berries are extremely large, high-quality, and posses low acidity and mild flavor.  Berries of Raven™ ‘FL05-627’ are pleasing to the eye, but the picking scar can be compared to that of ‘Star’ and ‘Windsor’.  Berries detach from the plant with little force and tend to ripen mid-season.  In experimental trials, the average date by which half (50%) of the berries ripened was May 2nd.

  • Fruit Size: Large

  • Chill Requirement: 300 hours

  • Growth Habit: Somewhat spreading; Creates a dense canopy

  • First Harvest: Around April 20, near Gainesville, FL

Performance 2018-2019 Season

Fruit Quality and Yield

The following plots show the most important fruit quality traits and yield, across the season.

The vertical lines in the yield plots indicate when 10%, 50% and 90% of the harvest was achieved during the season.


Dotted lines indicate the desired values for new cultivars:


  • Berry weight greater than 2g

  • Fruit Diameter greater than 14mm

  • Firmness higher than 150g/mm

  • Brix higher than 10%

  • TTA less than 1%

  • Brix/TTA higher than 14 units


Warning: Yield plot coming from harvesting of two bushes. Values may seem overestimated as all the fruit from the bush is harvested, and because this is harvest yield and no packed yield. Use this data to compare among cultivars and no to predict potential yield on your farm.


Measurements are in grams (g). To convert from grams to pounds (lb) use the following formula:

lb of fruit per bush = (g of fruit) x (0.002204)

Raven_Citra FL_2019
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