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Research Project


Title: Genetic and Physiological Mechanisms of Local Climatic Adaptation in a Widespread Perennial Plant Species

Funding Agency: NSF

Role: Collaborative-PI

Title: Cover Crop Diversity through Evaluation and Increase from Breeder Stocks and Germplasm Repositories

Funding Agency: USDA-SARE

Role: Co-PI


Title: A High Manure Uptake Bermudagrass/Stargrass for Dairy Production 

Funding Agency: FL/GA- Milk Check-Off

Role: PI

Title: Persistence, Survival, and Recovery of Warm-Season Turfgrass Selections for Sustainable Urban 
Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA
Role: Co-PI

Title: Development of improved forages for Florida
Funding Agency: UF-Plant Breeding Working Group
Role: PI

Title: Discovery of the molecular mechanism for 2,4-D herbicide resistance
Funding Agency: UF-IFAS Early Career Seed Funds
Role: PI

Title: Improving Cold Units for Forage and Small Grain Seed Storage
Funding Agency: UF-Agronomy
Role: Co-PI


Title: Improving Breeding Efficiency in Autotetraploid with Genome-Wide Prediction
Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA
Role: PI

Title: Effect of Nematode Suppression Using Cover Crops Resistant to Nematodes on Peanut Production
Funding Agency: USDA-SSARE
Role: PI

Title: Developing Improved Alfalfa Cultivars for Florida
Funding Agency: FL/GA- Milk Check-Off
Role: PI

Title: Development of Cultivars of Bermudagrass Resistant to Bermudagrass Stem Maggot (BSM) 
Funding Agency: UF-Plant Breeding Graduate Initiative
Role: PI

Title: Equipping the Forage Breeding Lab 
Funding Agency: UF-IFAS
Role: PI


Title: Accelerated Breeding by Improved Accuracy and Mate Allocation Using Genome-Wide Selection
Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA
Role: Co-PI

Title: Accelerated Development of Optimal Feedstock for Bioenergy Using Genome-Wide Selection
Funding Agency: USDA-DOE
Role: Co-PI

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