U.S. Patent PP10,675
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

General Description

‘Star’ flowers late and ripens early.  The bush is strong, upright, survives well, and is easy to prune.  The berry is large, firm, has a good picking scar and is excellent for long-distance shipping.  ‘Star’ can be harvested rapidly because the berries are in loose clusters and ripen during a short period.  Flavor and color are good.  One of the most popular varieties in Florida and Georgia.


  • Short fruit development period

  • Concentrated harvest period

  • Easy  to harvest, good quality fruit

  • Disease problems include bacterial leaf scorch and necrotic ring blotch virus

  • No longer recommended for Florida


Fruit quality under optimal picking conditions):

  • Large Fruit Weight/Size (2.3 grams/24.9 mm)

  • Good Fruit Brix levels (11.5)

  • Good Fruit Firmness (214.0 g/mm)

License Availability

For licensing availability contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP):​​

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