By Doug Phillips
Blueberry Extension Coordinator
  • Doug Phillips

Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides for Weed Management in Container Nurseries

Gary W. Knox, Matthew Chappell, Robert H. Stamps, and Chris Marble

Weed management is one of the most critical and costly aspects of container nursery production. High irrigation and fertilization rates create a favorable environment for weed growth in addition to crop growth. Weeds can quickly out-compete the crop for light and other resources, reducing

the rate and amount of crop growth as well as salability (Berchielli-Robertson, Gilliam, and Fare 1990; Norcini and Stamps 1994). Weed management in nursery production is most effectively achieved through preventative practices, primarily with preemergent herbicides (Gallitano and Skroch 1993; Gilliam et al. 1990).

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