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By Doug Phillips
Blueberry Extension Coordinator

Doug Phillips is the University of Florida blueberry extension coordinator, and is the primary point of contact for blueberry growers for issues and questions regarding disease, insect pests, management practices, etc. He will coordinate with subject matter experts in Gainesville as needed to assist growers in identifying solutions and best practices for production issues. Doug also collects data and evaluates selections at the UF breeding program trial sites in central and south-central Florida, and provides grower feedback to UF breeding, pathology, entomology, pollination, weed science, and management practice experts. 

Pruning Southern Highbush Blueberry in Florida

May 2, 2023 | Dr. Jeff Williamson, Professor, UF/IFAS, Doug Phillips, Blueberry Extension Coordinator, UF/IFAS

Pruning is an essential part of blueberry production. It is used to promote postharvest growth of new foliage and fruiting wood, balance vegetative and reproductive growth, reduce disease and insect pressure, assist in mechanical harvesting efficiency, promote new cane growth and plant longevity, and help establish new plantings.

Flower Thrips Management in Southern Highbush Blueberry in Florida

Feb 3, 2023 | Written by Dr. Oscar Liburd, Professor, UF/IFAS and Doug Phillips, Blueberry Extension Coordinator, UF/IFAS

Flower thrips (Frankliniella bispinosa Morgan) are a pest of southern highbush blueberries in Florida during bloom. Larvae and adults feed on all parts of the flowers including ovaries, styles, petals, and developing fruit. This feeding damage...

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