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By Doug Phillips
Blueberry Extension Coordinator
  • Writer's pictureDoug Phillips

Evergreen Production System for Southern Highbush Blueberries in Florida

Douglas A. Phillips, Jeffrey G. Williamson, and Patricio R. Munoz

Southern highbush blueberries (SHB) are grown in two dif- ferent production systems in Florida. In north-central and central Florida, SHB are primarily grown in a deciduous system, where the plants go dormant and defoliate during late fall or early winter. In this system, hydrogen cyanamide is often used to accelerate vegetative budbreak to support earlier flowering and fruit set and to concentrate the fruit ripening. In central and south-central Florida, many SHB are grown in an evergreen system, where the plants do not go dormant, and are managed to retain their leaves from the previous year through harvest the following spring in order to support early flowering and fruit set. The evergreen system has also been used under tunnels in north-central Florida. This publication provides an overview of the evergreen production system for SHB in Florida.



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