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By Doug Phillips
Blueberry Extension Coordinator
  • Writer's pictureDoug Phillips

Nutrition and Fertilization Practices for Southern Highbush Blueberry in Florida

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Doug Phillips and Jeffrey G. Williamson

Blueberry plants evolved under acidic, low-nutrient conditions. However, research and field experience have demonstrated that fertilization is necessary to achieve proper growth and high yields in cultivated production. Specific fertilization practices can vary due to differences in soil/media type, cultivar, irrigation practices, weed control, and more. In addition, the uptake of essential nutrients may be limited in certain situations (e.g., high soil pH) that must be addressed to ensure proper growth and good yields. This publication provides guidance and management suggestions to Florida growers of southern highbush blueberry (SHB) for monitoring, supplying, and maintaining proper plant nutrition in commercial production operations.

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