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 A vigorous, high-yielding variety.  Fruit is large and firm with good color, flavor, and scar.  Begins ripening a few days after Star.  Easy to pollinate.

Arcadia FL07-399

A new mid-season variety best adapted to production regions similar to central and south-central Florida.

Avanti FL06-203

 a new variety which is noted for its very low chill requirement, very early fruit maturation, and adaptation to production regions in central and south-central Florida.


A large, sweet berry with crisp-textured fruit.    Berries are large, medium-dark, with excellent shipping qualities.

The Worldwide Foundation of Southern Highbush Blueberry Varieties

The Next Generation of Southern Highbush Blueberry Varieties

Bobolink FL03-291

 A highly vigorous plant with excellent survival, and a strong upright growth habit.  

Chickadee FL04-235

 A vigorous plant which has a good survival rate.  It has a desirable upright growth habit, with a narrow base that makes it nearly monopodial 


A vigorous, high-yielding plant.  Along with ‘Jewel’, it is one of the main varieties being planted in central Florida for early harvest.  Berries are large and have good shipping qualities.

Endura FL06-377

a mid-to-late maturing variety best adapted to production regions similar to central Florida. Plants perform well under both evergreen and hydrogen cyanamide management systems. 


 vigorous and survives well in commercial fields.  It is a vigorous but not a tall-growing plant.  It has the somewhat squat bush structure of ‘Windsor’, but with more branchiness.

Flicker FL96-43

They are upright, highly vigorous, and have shown excellent potential for evergreen production. 

Florida Rose

 A highly photogenic, rabbit-eye variety with fruit that are bright pink to red.  Its fruit are large with good firmness, scar, and flavor. 


 Indigocrisp™ ‘FL98-325’ produces berries with very firm, crisp-textured skin, and a very high sugar-to-acid ratio


Very popular in central Florida for planting with ‘Emerald’.  Produces a high yield of large, round berries that have good packing and shipping qualities

Keecrisp FL06-556

a low chill, mid-to-late-maturing variety best adapted to production regions in north central Florida and south Georgia. 

Kestrel FL02-40

 a southern highbush blueberry variety developed at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences blueberry breeding program


Meadowlark™ ‘FL01-173’ is one of the newest releases from the University of Florida’s Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences blueberry breeding program


A low-chill cultivar that produced large, early-ripening fruit, firm, light blue color, with good picking scar, and a mild pleasant flavor.


an early maturing variety which may be a valuable alternative to many growers in Florida and south Georgia. 


It produces large, high-quality berries on a vigorous, upright bush.  In Florida, ‘Primadonna’ requires careful pruning to induce spring leafing.


Raven™ ‘FL05-627’ has high pollen abundance and a desirable growth habit (resembling ‘Star’). 

San Joaquin

FLX-1’ is a southern highbush blueberry clone distinguished by its low chilling requirement, its vigorous, upright bush and by its very firm, sweet berries. 

Santa Fe

a vigorous, upright bush.  Berries are medium size, with excellent flavor and shipping qualities.  ‘Santa Fe’ has the potential for mechanical harvest.


Low-chill, produces an upright bush, and produces many new leaves in areas of central and north Florida. Produces large, firm fruits 


an early-ripening rabbiteye variety.  It ripens about a week before ‘Climax’, with large, light-blue berries and excellent firmness, scar, and color.


 has a vigorous and semi-upright in growth habit.  Its survival under field conditions is medium to good. 


Produces vigorous upright bush with medium to good survival in the field.


Ripens up to 20 days earlier than ‘Star’, but flowers very early and requires frost protection. 

Southern Belle

has a very large, firm berry with excellent packing and shipping qualities. 


Low-chill variety with an upright bush with the ability to flower and leaf vigorously in an area where the mean temperature of the coldest month is 58 degrees F.


‘Springhigh’ is a very vigorous, upright bush with excellent survival in the field. Berries are very large and medium dark, with good scar and flavor.


 very low-chilling requirement of about 200 hours below 7 degrees C. It produces a large berry with medium-blue color, good scar, firmness, and flavor.


flowers late and ripens early.  The bush is strong, upright, survives well, and is easy to prune.  


 is a highly vigorous bush with excellent field survival.  Its berries are unusually firm, crisp, and sweet.


 It flowers and fruits well in areas of central and north Florida where the mean coldest temperature of coldest month is 60

degrees F.


Early southern high-bush with low chill requirement, vigorous, spreading growth habit, prolific early-spring leafing

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